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Making Guests Feel At Home At Your Cultural Wedding

Here's how to make guests of all cultures feel welcomed at your wedding.

Give advance notice: Particularly for weddings that will include several events some guests may not be familiar with, give everyone an idea on what to expect. Wedding websites are great for this - there you can include info on topics that aren't usually included on invitations.

Define the wording: So that your guests will know what different terms are when they come up at the ceremony a glossary on your wedding web page or written in your programs will clear things up.

Decipher the ceremony: Let your guests know the significance of different traditions. They will feel more involved if they understand the importance of what they are witnessing.

Dish up meal details: Whether dinner is seated or buffet-style, it's a good idea to explain whats on the menu. You can set cards at each table or display them at buffet stations. In addition to telling guests what's in each dish, you can also offer up pronunciations and the significance of any special foods.

Photo Credit: Ceremony Program

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Non-Floral Boutonnieres

Let's focus on the groom and the guys for a bit.  Bout's are often an after thought but there are some really original things you can do with this feature of your wedding.
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Mustard and Ivory Boutonniere
Party Favor Boutonniere
Car Symbol Boutonnieres
Fabric Flower Boutonnieres
Powder Blue Boutonniere
Fall Inspired Boutonniere
Nautical Rope Boutonniere
Pinwheel Boutonniere

Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

Who says bridesmaids have to carry bouquets of flowers?  There are so many other options that are just as striking, and a different option may even represent the theme and look of your wedding even better than flowers will.  The fun in creating your wedding is having unique, personalized elements to reflect your personal style.
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Bridesmaid Pinwheels
Bridesmaids Brown Lanterns
Bridesmaids Fans
Pink Orchid Purse
Bridesmaids Gold Lanterns
Bridesmaids Corsages
Green Bridesmaids Purses
Bridesmaids Parasols